ABOUT 8up nation

We hold down full-time jobs with spending time with our families and friends in the outdoors on our minds. We are constantly preparing, picking up extra jobs, scheduling time off , sleeping in trucks bc we can’t afford hotel fees, to just doing what it takes to be able to pursue our passions. We love to create blood-trails, make feathers fly, set the hook ,to enjoying the camp fires. Its been a part of who we are from the beginning. It just has a name now 8UP With It Outdoors. We want to capture our adventures on film to educate better as well as keep it real. We are not afraid to come home empty handed and refuse to feel the pressure to “have to produce”. We feel its time to get back to the basics and back to what hunting is truly about. We will walk the fine line between working in the industry and keeping it real. When one season closes another one is open! There is no off season when your consumed with the pursuit of hunting, when your 8Up With It!!!



the 2017 season airtime will be announced soon!